Borderz Importz

Borderz Importz specializes in delivering premium and award-winning goods such as the El Nacimiento and El Chiwahwah brand Tequilas. Borderz Importz is dedicated to delivering premium and specialized goods. With our ever-growing line of brands and products, our goal is to bring nothing but the highest quality goods to consumers.

El Nacimiento

The El Nacimiento line of tequilas is the finest to hit shelves. This award winning tequila line is quickly gaining more popularity and for good reason. No top shelf is complete without adding it to it’s collection. This authentic specialty tequila is made just outside of the town of Nacimiento, from the unique Blue Weber Agave. The smooth flavors of the Blanco, Reposado and Anejo are in a league of their own.

El Chiwahwah

El Chiwahwah is a hand-crafted tequila that follows the time honored Quiroz Family recipe that has been handed down several generations. Only recently, through the vision of Borderz Importz, is El Chiwahwah available to tequila aficionados in the United States.